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Accredited Degrees Life Experience. Degree Instructional Technology.

Accredited Degrees Life Experience

accredited degrees life experience

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  • Educational accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which services and operations of post-secondary educational institutions or programs are evaluated by an external body to determine if applicable standards are met.

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  • (Life experiences) Job loss, financial difficulties, long periods of unemployment, the loss of a spouse or other family member, or other traumatic events may trigger depression. Long-term stress, at home, work or school, can also be involved.
  • (LIFE EXPERIENCES) In reading this profile, it is important to understand that everything has not been “perfect” for Kim Bailey.

Past and Past Life Journeys (Trance experiences)

Past and Past Life Journeys (Trance experiences)
First Experience

Deep relaxation/trance is an exclusive technique, which I have experienced. Viktoria professionally led me through several layers to the depth of me, my soul, where I could however vividly feel wise combination of conscious/ unconscious, soul/mind/body.

Immediately I sensed an active flow of energy inside, my own, freely-moving, smoothly-beating and healing problematic parts of my body. At the very beginning I could brightly see soft light of my mind radiating from brain around, moving around and disseminating the light like a light-house over the water. Probably, it was natural, as the whole interaction between Viktoria and me during the exercise activating inner forces was done through the mind – her mind talking with her gentle balanced pleasant voice – with mine. The tone, sound, intonation of the voice and content of the messages is sincere and loving, creating trust with lack of resistance. Due to that I can entrust myself with my questions, problems, uncertainty, necessity to make sound timely decisions into her hands to direct me and get absorbed into this interesting world, with eyes closed-physically – wide-open internally.

We go down, more down, and more, deeper, cleaning layers of negative energy collected from the environment, irritations, fatigue, exhaustion, worries, pains in the body and heart. The severe headache present for the recent period of time is gone. Back-pain too. I feel my spinal cord and muscles opened and strong. Vice-versa – there is an amazing relaxation and healing effect. Healing is so strong that it rolls with blood and energy through the body bumping into aching parts, organs in need of help, then turning around and swimming to the next, staying there as much as it’s needed.

I feel all this with pleasure. Now all parts of my body and mind are exquisitely resting. My legs and hands are heavy, impossible to move. That’s the message I got, and right away transferred the message into the real feeling. Viktoria asks me to raise my legs. I can’t and don’t want. What for? There is such a harmony, balance, completeness in this stage, that no action is desired. Is this nirvana? or mental journey?

Viktoria asks me to feel a relaxed and pleasant feeling in one of my body’s parts and spread that feeling in the body. Done – as said, it’s all over, pleasantly possesses my poor tired body. We torture it every day by not providing what it asks us for on time. It keeps saying to take care of it: by sleeping when it’s tired, feeding, exercising to stretch muscles and bones – to keep it alive and operational. We often ignore its voice to fit into social behavior and routine. Always answering: not now, wait, be patient, a little more, behave and perform!

Before the hypnosis with travel-into-your-world exercise we made more techniques to make my mind and body ready for this stage: tapping – EFT (implying full acceptance of yourself) and bringing mind and soul to harmony. Powerful and effective! Works for sure!

Great thing about Viktoria is that she never keeps useful information limited only to her – she disseminates it and teaches others the skills, shares ideas, methods when they need. In order to become capable of controlling themselves instead of always staying dependant on a coach/consultant/psychotherapist, etc. That’s another great thing about NLP of Viktoria, NLP perceived and reflected by “her”: learning process, which changes you, your personality, behavioral pattern, habits, and way of thinking, acting/reacting – once and for ever.

During the monologue of Viktoria to me in the condition of trance she leads me to the freedom of choice to move where I want with my mind. Scenes appear and motion. I fly to Venice, my planet. I don’t think about that, interaction is going so smoothly, easily, effortlessly. I don’t think or plan actions – mental journey happens naturally. I’m surprised by my choices, dynamics, next image, vision, which cannot be planned, only felt by all existing senses with eyes physically closed. I feel safe to have a friend sitting next to me during the travel, as I know that guidance and help is coming when needed. As well as when to be back – I’ll be told quietly when it’s enough, to happily return to the reality of this life.

Each cell of my body and mind operates now smoothly, in harmony with the universe, so relaxed, so restful. The strongest feeling we have when being deeply in ourselves, connected to the ocean of unconscious, hence, to our higher “Self”. I’ve experienced this feeling many times during the life – I know how it feels.

During my flight-escalation to the skies and Venice – I don’t see much around. I feel myself floating in the air up. At one moment I get frightened of altitude and begin to fall down, not believing in my forces. I fear the danger of flight. Then I say to myself: I’m flying only mentally, in my imagination, I’m not physically in the open air, it’s all right, I’m safe and can get there. And the forces of my

Reflecting On The Abandoned Houses – Woodlands School N5496e

Reflecting On The Abandoned Houses - Woodlands School N5496e
I went past Woodlands School in New Westminster on my way home after visit to Riverview Hospital. Woodlands is another famous abandoned building in Vancouver area.

Woodlands School was previously a residence for developmental disabled and it is now waiting to be demolished. Before 1950 it was a provincial hospital for the insane.

There is only one lonely building left on the site. It is fenced off and no access is allowed. We can only see it in a distance. I found it standing with the reflection in the water puddle.

We are reflecting on the abandoned houses and thinking why are they so attractive to photographers?

I think it is because photographers like to capture passage of time, the history and life experiences. And there are so much of these elements trapped in these empty buildings and houses.

Happy week!

accredited degrees life experience